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“Free your mind, Love the world, & ignore the Bull.” – FLAB


FLAB Creative Group is a lifestyle brand and creative service firm that promotes positivity and artistry on all levels. Through our life brand, we promote up and coming artists of all talents, as well as provide merchandise, events, music, culture, and enlightenment. Through our creative service firm, we provide services such as musical production, photography, videography, graphic designing, advertising, and branding/marketing consultation.

Within the next decade, our vision is to build the company name in our chosen fields of expertise to then result in being the most sought after brand and creative service firm in the nation! Until then, it is our goal to not only provide excellent service to our patrons, but to also uphold these relationships with the utmost respect and care in order to ensure that our valuable customers know that each and every piece of support is needed and appreciated.

Meet the Team

480x640.jpeg.97bc5355b28a418482ed04ddfeb113c8Giancarlo Williams
– CEO and President of FLAB Creative Group. Giancarlo is one of our co-founders, being one of the influential people since our company’s birth in 2011. While being the CEO and President of FLAB Creative Group, Giancarlo is also a senior attending Western Michigan University, expecting to graduate in December 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Promotion. Giancarlo is also the Advisor of our on campus student organization at WMU, which also entitled FLAB Creative Group. The student ran organization on campus is catered towards expanding the life brand and our mission within the community of Western Michigan University.

5755dae032e80131b8cd12313b12cc51Kristen Briggs
– Assistant Vice President of FLAB Creative Group. Kristen Briggs (a.k.a. Tia) is a sophomore at Western Michigan University, double majoring in Criminal Justice and Español with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. Tia is the president of our RSO at WMU. One of her greatest passions is fashion. For her, the thrill in fashion is taking a risk and daring one’s self or another to make a new look work. She also possesses a talent, which was sent from above, that she likes to call “Creative Visionary”. “A creative visionary is someone who envisions possibilities, has inspired ideas and sees ways to bring these into being.” As a creative visionary, she encourages everyone to live their life as creative visionaries, facing each new day in the same way we would face a blank canvas or piece of paper; as full of potential. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

720x960.jpeg.b4914e8c50de41d9bffe429010863142Justin Causey
– Lead Creative Director. Justin (a.k.a. Juàn) is an Arts Communication major who attends Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. He is a co-founder and has been with this company since its inception and birth back in 2011. Justin is the Lead Creative Director of Operations, as well as the man who controls our Social Media Accounts. He is the Manager of Our Artist The Street Band Clan
( The BlackSon x StreetBandClan)  His role for the brand consists of finding new talent, artists and writers for the website along with merchandise development, and promotion strategy. Justin is truly an optimist, and he believes that even with grey skies, the sun can still shine through.

camjonesCameron Jones
– FLAB Photographer & Video Game Enthusiast. Cameron is another one of our co-founders since its beginning in 2011. Since discovering his passion for photography and embracing it full on, Cameron has used his passion to spread positivity to as many people as possible through his visual art. This is how he strives to embody and act out FLAB’s primary mission of “Freeing your mind, Loving the world, And ignoring the Bull!”

638x638.jpeg.6f76f9c5c68a4a2080a952b6bceedf8bBryan Spencer
 – Lead Graphic Designer for FLAB Creative Group. Bryan Spencer is graphic designer born, raised, and currently located in Columbus, Ohio. He graduated from Xavier University in May of 2014 with a degree in actuarial science and a focus in business. While much of his time outside of work is devoted to graphic design, his greatest passion creatively lies within blending artistic mediums to progress and create culture. For instance, music is an artistic medium integrating not only production, lyrical content, and sonics, but also aesthetic avenues such as cover artwork, audiovisual presentation, concert performance, promotional and marketing materials, and fashion and merchandising products, among others. The creative possibilities are infinite, and it is his goal to contribute to the advancement of culture as a means of bringing people around the world closer than ever to and enhancing the ways they experience the things about which they are passionate.

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