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Building A Harmonic Relationship with your Brain

Have you ever heard that your mind has physical and non-physical components? Your mind communicates to your physical vessel through your brain through a portal of consciousness that links the physical and non-physical worlds of existence. This is evident when you can hear a sound or a car driving by and hear it without actually seeing it and being able to pinpoint its exact location in space and time.

By learning to build a harmonic relationship with your brain it helps you to attain higher states of consciousness. The pineal gland which is located in the center of the brain serves as a portal or moreso as a bridge that allows our consciousness to interact in the physical world. By opening yourself up to awakening your pineal gland you will open yourself to communicating with yourself on a vaster level.

Humanity is forever changing, evolving, and learning. We have all had our share of experiences that have forever changed our perception of who we are, what we are capable of, and what we have the potential to become. The more you learn to communicate with your brain you will allow yourself to reach a state of wholeness within yourself. As we continue to evolve our right hemisphere’s of our brain are coming online and thus causing our brain to learn or “remember” how to function with both hemisphere’s awake.

You may have all heard that coming new age phrase, “Be still and live in the now”. What they really mean to say is allow the left hemisphere of your brain to relax. Allow it to heal. Allow it to learn to trust the ever-present wisdom and intuition of your right hemisphere. When your mind is ready it will reconfigure itself and your left hemisphere will harmonize itself with the right hemisphere of your brain which will allow you to reach a state of wholeness with yourself.

Ways that you can allow yourself to be more present and to surrender to this stage is by learning to be still and silence the mind through meditation, yoga, exercise, etc. Allow yourself to silence your thoughts. Once this is successful you will reach a state of awareness where you are extremely sensitive to your feelings (which is a direct source of communication from the soul, spirit, and intuition). By silencing your thoughts you allow your left hemisphere to relax so that your right hemisphere can more easily integrate itself into your everyday awareness. This also helps you to live more fully in the present moment because you are able to interact with whats going on in front of you and around you. I always remind people that wherever your physical vessel is that is where your thoughts should be, where your awareness should be, and most important your consciousness.

This also helps to prevent unwanted manifestations due to you forecasting thoughts into your future or over-analyzing the past. Allow yourself to stay present for in the present moment we have infinite support and guidance from our intuition and soul. As you continue to climb the ladder in raising your vibration you will notice a conversation of self-talk between you and your Self. This self-talk will continue to increase overtime and you and your intuition will merge into one being resulting to you being spirit in physical motion.

Silencing the mind also connects you to that greater wisdom and knowledge of spirit. For spirit is forever present, forever all-knowing, and forever guiding you. It allows you to operate from that infinite space of knowing that is at the core of us all. Listen to your intuition, it speaks.



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