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Multi-Dimensional Living (Shifting to Parallel Realities cont. )

As we all continue to evolve and transition into the truth of what we are you will begin to notice people refer to multi-dimensionality, shifting to parallel realities, or integrating your higher dimensional selves into your consciousness. But just what does this all mean?

Multi-dimensionality or multi-dimensional living is one of our most natural abilities that we possess. The more that you transcend your consciousness and ego you will began to develop stronger communication to what some call a “Higher Self”. This aspect of ourselves we seemed to have forgotten about when crossing the threshold into the third dimensional world. Some say this veil of forgetfulness that we have had over our perception was planned so that we can all experience the joy of living, existing, and being in the lower dimensions. I am not exactly sure how accurate that is but I don’t feel I would have ever agreed to such terms. Anywho moving on.

When you began to reach the wholeness of yourself as in balancing those masculine and feminine polarities of your soul you will began to undergo a pineal gland awakening that will allow the lower aspects of your mind to integrate with your higher divine mind or multi-dimensional mind.  You will began to see reality in a whole new light and a whole new perception. You will began to understand and experience that the past, future, and present moment all exist simultaneously to one another. And more so importantly that we can learn how to cross over to other realities where other expressions of our soul exist and reside.

I’m sure we have ALL had those mystical experiences that we have kept to ourselves. Mainly because we feel that others would not believe us or that it will all sound to unreal. Would you believe that I have had my share of experiences as well. After integrating my multi-dimensional mind it feel as if I currently exist outside of time, space, and any other limitation we have been told that has kept us bound to just one expression of reality. Once your mind transcends space and time you began to experience true multi-dimensional living.

This will also explain why you feel that the days are speeding up yet you seem to be completely still or as if your living in slow motion when you are fully present. The present moment is a gift and there is infinite abundance of divine energy when you live in the present moment. In the present is where we can receive guidance from our intuition on what is the best course of action that we can take to move forward in our lives.

As we continue to develop more advanced spiritual abilities you can see how the most basic ones can be of great importance to your more adept spiritual abilities. For example here’s a brief exercise you can do now to practice shifting to parallel realities or moreso grounding the vibration of yourself in other realities in the current one your experiencing.

Find a nice place to relax or sit in any desired meditation position. We are going to be using our imagination and ALL FIVE OF OUR SENSES for this exercise. A lot of people only focus on the sense of sight when communicating with themselves in other realities. However when you visualize and you incorporate the feelings of your other five senses it helps your subconscious mind to actually stimulate the experience as if you are currently experiencing this desired reality (in which you actually are). When visualizing imagine the sounds you will hear, smell the air in the room, feel yourself breathing, how does it feel to walk around in your body when you are in your imagination. Go as deep as feeling your heartbeat in your imagination. Literally FEEL yourself in this reality. The more feelings you embody the more you communicate to your subconscious mind to the point where your mind cant tell the difference of which one is the real reality, After imprinting these vibrations on your mind your mind will believe that this particular reality is the one you are experiencing and once you come out of your meditation you will began magnetizing your desired reality to you or you will embody the vibration to make the shift.

Now there are infinite ways to do this. This is something that I have personally done and with practice you will develop a technique that vibrates with your soul. Give it a try, stay open to what you will experience, and furthermore Happy Conscious Time Traveling.


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