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#TurnItUpTuesday || New Artist: The BlackSon & The Street Band Clan || Listen Here


Welcome back to #TurnItUpTuesday with your boy Young Juan. Today we are spotlighting FLAB’s very own The BlackSon and The Street Band Clan. Now, let me give you a bit of history: The Black Son is a recently turned 20 year old lyrical artist who has joined forces with The Street Band Clan to provide the city with a genre  known as #TrapJazz. The Band is comprised of a three piece horn section, bass, drums and The BlackSon on the mic.


The BlackSons’ music is so mature, and intellectual that it’s hard to squeeze into a box. If I could compare his sound and style it be that of a conscious Rick Ross with a tad bit of Talib Kwali and Ghostface Killah. The Street Band Clan has been busy with shows and recordings over the the past two months, but before they release the new new, The band decided to revisit The BlackSon’s debut project : BlackSon Rising…( Listen below)

This past Saturday: Nov 28th , The BlackSon & The Street Band Clan had a show in Nashville entitled #BlackSaturday and it was nothing short of an amazing experience. The band’s horn lines matched so perfectly with The BlackSon’s tracks, that the two different styles became one, and the crowd received it so well. Performing songs such as Libations, Wiretaps, LazyoftheWheel, and Graffiti Freestyle, the group commanded the stage and the entire venue.

Black City & Friends Shot by: J.Nachoz

So with that all being said: The BlackSon and The Street Band Clan are forces you need to look out for, and you should get pretty familiar with their music. To get more tracks and footage from the group, you can check out as well as

Ig; @theblackson Tw: @theblackson Ig:TheStreetbandClan Tw:StreetBandClan_

Peace x Love

Young Juan



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