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Shifting to Parallel Realities (Consciously)

Did you know that when you use your imagination to see yourself doing certain activities that we are actually making contact with ourselves that exist in other parallel realities? Truth is that we are multi-dimensional beings and the current reality that you or me is experiencing right now is not the only reality that we exist in. Our souls exist in all timelines, possibilities, realities, outcomes, and universes.

That could also explain spontaneous encounters, manifestations, or out of the blue situations that occur from time to time. When I say we are multi-dimensional beings I am referring to the fact that we are souls in bodies and that our consciousness resides on multiple planes of existence simultaneously. This current reality that you are experiencing is a result of the input of information you are perceiving via the 5 senses. Once you transcend the ego you will began to elevate to higher states of consciousness that will allow you to shift your reality as you desire.

This ability is a natural ability that we ALL POSSESS. Current societal information does support this possibility however the belief system of the masses is still transcending out of limited thinking and perceiving. Upon awakening the pineal gland you may experience a broad range of symtpoms as your left and right hemispheres come into balance and harmony and support whole brain thinking, feeling, and being. If you feel you are having a pineal gland awakening and would like to speak to me privately please email . There are infinte resources on the web that describe the awakening process so I wont go into any further detail on this post.

However, once you start to still the mind and live in this state of being you will start to perceive how you actually shift to parallel realities in the moment. Your actually doing it right now. It’s just as easy as to how you thought about reading information on shifting realities and here you are now reading this post.

You could say that your soul traveled to a reality where you was reading this post, or that you attracted this with your thoughts. Its all the same concept in my opinion. We are creators after all.

The mind and your energy is more powerful than you know. Holding on to certain false belief systems prevent you from experiencing timelines where those exact beliefs are a possibility and reality. This is how you can see where certain people are vibrating to fear and are only experiencing fear based realities. Once you learn to maintain a higher vibration and actually ground it you will continue to shift to realities where you are experiencing exactly how you are vibrating.

Life is a mirror and a conscious one of that. It’s all you.



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