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Own Your Dreams


How many times have you told yourself, “I’ll make my dreams reality when I get my money right”, or said something like “I have plenty of life to live, so I can make things happen later”?


Do you want your dreams to come to fruition, or are you comfortable sleeping on yourself?  I stumbled across the above piece of art while searching for inspiration, and it immediately forced me to reflect on where 2015 has taken me, and where 2016 will go.  I had to ask myself.. Is what I’m doing right now something that will allow my passions to align with my work-life, or do I need to make changes?  Whether your interests include poetry, music, photography, or trying to save the world.. I ask you, what have you done to bring YOUR DREAMS into something concrete?  Tomorrow is not promised and yesterday has already passed us by, so TODAY is the only time we currently have to put in the work to change our potential futures.  People may try to tell you what to do, how to do it, and will always doubt you.  But if you are able to see that you can change the world, what’s the harm in trying?  Don’t let the flame in your heart die out, or you’ll live a life wondering what it’d be like to be free.


Instead of an original quote, I leave you all with something my dad has always told me: “it is better to aim for the moon and miss, as opposed to aiming for the gutter and hitting it.”

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Without God, I am nothing. After that.. I love my family, friends, music, and being an inspiration to those around me through my actions, and clothing brand. Oh yeah, and I do poetry & spoken word, in my spare time. I wrote a book once.

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