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Believing in Yourself, UNCONDITIONALLY

With all the amazing experiences in my life the one that gave me the most fulfilling joy was believing in myself, Unconditionally. In our current times the universe is personally asking each and every one of us to believe in ourselves. Just as much as you take a breathe and how easy it is to forget about , the love of your soul continues to breathe for you, even while you sleep.

We all have dreams and desires that we all are working on grounding in the physical.

So I ask you what brings your heart the most joy?

And furthermore (if you haven’t already began taking the steps to making this a reality) what are ways that you can explore your topic of interest to taking more steps to accomplishing your dream?

A lot of false teachings are that you should wait to until you have enough money saved to began, or that you need a college degree, or maybe that when your social environment (friends, family, society, peers) approve of your dreams is when you can began.

For souls who are carrying a higher vibration you began to realize that traditional jobs and traditional ways of being just doesn’t suit you anymore. This year I had three different jobs as a server for various restaurants near the Metro-Detroit area and I came to the realization that I can no longer work in the Corporate American industry.

I have no negative energy to having a job nor to anyone that has one. When you began to carry a higher vibration after starting your lightbody transmution process you become EXTREMELY sensitive to your environment in terms of energy. A lot of souls that have traditional jobs that doesn’t suit there vibration you will began to absorb a lot of unwanted energy into your energy field. It sorts of bind you to the frequency of having a job because you start to continue see and create yourself there. Its a belief system. Why should you sacrifice your dreams and goals to allow yourself to feel drained by something that you really don’t want to do?

Who ever told you that you wouldn’t be able to support yourself from creating your life from a space of love rather fear? When you are doing what you love your vibrations are higher and your consciousness will align you with your higher purpose and calling. It will be as smooth as sailing down a calm river spring. The world needs more people to do what they love and step up and show others that we can all create our dreams from a space of love. We are creators.

Chances are since your reading this you are someone that has heard the inner calling and raised your vibration. Speaking from consciousness to consciousness you are more than ready to embark on your higher calling in helping the world transition to the higher dimensional frequencies. You may be a healer, a poet, a speaker, writer, motivator, or whatever gets your heart jumping. We both may be in a similar transition where we have to release that fear within that if we embark on this journey to fulfill our higher calling that all will fall into place, that we will be successful, and partially that fear you may be have is because deep down inside you know that it is going to be a bigger responsibility for you, And yes that is true. It is going to be a bigger responsibility for you and you should be happy.

Whatever you are guided to do is going to impact everyone and everything and is going to spiral loving vibrations to all as we all take this leap into higher consciousness together. Since you awake during this time you may be a fore-runner who are anchoring and grounding light and harmonic codes into the grid of the planet. Trust and always believe in yourself. You are more powerful than you know.

So which brings me back to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, UNCONDITIONALLY. Never should you once doubt or not trust in yourself. For some reason people of higher consciousness have difficulty trusting in themselves once they reach a certain level of consciousness. This can result in unwanted manifestations in the physical. You will keep manifesting those roadblocks and setbacks as long as you cling to the fear that is preventing you from accomplishing what it is that you truly desire.

Ill be honest I have manifested quite a few myself. And it is then that once I learned to maintain a vibration of love and not give in those vibrations of fear was I able to take the steps and actions to align myself with my higher calling. Now I am free to heal the planet 24/7 365 days a year following the intuition of my spirit.



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