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What inspires you? How do you seek to bring a unique form of change, into a world that is always shifting?

Ladies and gentlemen.. We are all sculptors. Our minds each contain unique blueprints that allow us to have our own perspective of the world. While we each imagine different ways to bring change, at what point to you decide to move from the planning stages to the building blocks? An idea without any work is merely a dream, but when you actually seek to bring about change… GREAT things can happen. What you aspire to create, could be the alarm that awakens the world to something life changing. So get up, draw out those ideas, and start bringing those thoughts into reality.

As always, I leave you all with a quote: “Those who merely dream, can never awaken change. But those who arise and make the moves, will be a part of the major shifts to bring about new realities.”

About deeper_meanings (15 Articles)
Without God, I am nothing. After that.. I love my family, friends, music, and being an inspiration to those around me through my actions, and clothing brand. Oh yeah, and I do poetry & spoken word, in my spare time. I wrote a book once.

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