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When a Lion Chases its Tail: the Mega Fumble

Ever seen a dog chase it’s tail? Round and around in an endless circle until it tires out and has to take a doggy nap? Seems silly, right? Also exceedingly pointless. Now imagine if the King of the Jungle, the proud and strong Lion did that. Who would respect him then? Well, if you’re a native or fan of the Detroit Lions, you probably get tired of watching your team find spectacularly creative ways to lose football games. Such as the would-be-fumble Calvin Johnson had at the goal line right before the endzone in the fourth quarter that all but sealed Detroit racing out the gates to start the season and hold the unrivaled worst record in the league at 0-4.

But what really happened was that Seattle Strong Safety Kam Chancellor punched the ball out Megatron’s grasp and for good measure, Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright batted the ball out of the endzone to ensure no Lion’s player could recover it for a touchdown, as the refs rule it a touchback and Seattle ball. Pretty clutch performance for the almost back to back Superbowl champs, right?

Except, well, the refs blew the call at the end. Which was announced after the game was already over. So there’s that.

If your brain is starting to process all of this information as familiar, that might be because this isn’t the first time this year that the Lions lost a much needed game on the tail end of a bad call (Playoff game against Dallas ring any bells? Yeah, there are some refs tucking their flags deep in their pockets just reading this). You’d also wouldn’t be amiss to recall the infamous “Fail Mary” game some three years back when the Seahawks were awarded a victory over the Greenbay Packers when one substitute ex-referee called a touchdown for Seattle while his crewmates were ruling it no good as both Packers and Seahawks tussled over the ball in the endzone. It went down about as smooth as you can imagine. Point is, it should have been Lion’s ball, 6 inches from the goal line. Not even the Lion’s sorry run game could mess that up, right? Right? Instead Seattle got the benefit of another blown call by the refs while a referee was crouched down watching the penalty occur. And the Lions had to bow out with the tail they’d been chasing for three quarters of the game between their legs, the ominous zero still in the loss column.

To be fair, the Lion’s didn’t really deserve to win that game. They played horribly for the first three quarters of the game. The defense had managed to force a few turnovers and even score a touchdown but the offense wasn’t much to speak of and you’d be better off not mentioning the run game at all – which incidentally, the Lion’s didn’t do as they ran often despite losing more than they gained. Stafford was as inconsistent as his detractors consistently label him, and the injuries just piled up through the game. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that Stafford began to catch fire, as he so often does, which his number 2 receiver Golden Tate noted. The Lion’s made a push and got their fans back home riled up, expecting the miracle come back. Even this blogger was certain that when Megatron caught that ball and broke away clear to the endzone with under two minutes to go, that the Lions had managed to steal a game from the Seahawks at home, on a Monday night, which hasn’t happened in nine MNF games.

And then Kam Chancellor happened. And the K.J. Wright. And the refs not doing their homeworks and blowing another call. And then the game was over.

The dream of a Superbowl appearance is getting drowned by the nightmare that another 0-16 season could be our reality. They say that the 50 year curse of Bobby Layne ended when we drafted Matthew Stafford, but why are Lion hopefuls still watching their mighty King in all his futility?lions fans

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