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Alone Time


Have you ever felt as though the world is constantly beating you down, with all it throws at you? Do you feel as though you’re trapped, and never have a moment to hear yourself think? Do you ever need time to get away, to charge yourself back up?

We’ve all gone through times in our lives, where we truly need “me-time”. While seeming selfish, sometimes we need to put our own needs first, in order to be able to help others. While I took time away from spreading motivation to you all, I learned that I needed the “vacation” to get my mind right, focus on myself, and ultimately get charged back up (shoutout to Drake) so that I could be fresh and help inspire others. If you find yourself getting worn down, don’t feel bad! We all go through these times, and can’t run on empty. Not only is it not healthy, but it can cause us to completely break down, at the most inopportune times.

As I have now made my return to providing motivation for each of you, I leave you all with this quote: “never fear the times where you have to lay low, as it allows you to recharge, build back up, and reach new heights that you never imagined”.

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Without God, I am nothing. After that.. I love my family, friends, music, and being an inspiration to those around me through my actions, and clothing brand. Oh yeah, and I do poetry & spoken word, in my spare time. I wrote a book once.

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