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#FreedomFest2k15 | Black Arts Festival | Nashville, TN | August 29th 

  This Saturday we will be hosting the FIRST annual #FreedomFest with a few creative friends of ours. #FreedomFest2k15 will be held at Hadley Park in Nashville, TN , and is from 3-8 Pm. The Festival will consist of some of Nashvilles youngest creative artists,MC’s, Musicians, And Poets. What’s the admission fee…FREE!!!!! Yes, this a FREE event and we want you all to witness the reawakening of the within the Black Arts Nashville community.  #Freeyourmind #Lovetheworld #And #ignoretheBull #PromoteCulture #PromoteArtistry #PromoteCreativity #PromoteLove #PromotePeace #PromoteKnowledge #PromoteIndividuality #PromoteFreedom

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