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What are you striving to accomplish?  Do you see great things for yourself?  At times, do you feel as though the world is not able to process what you’re doing, but you see your goals have the potential to flourish?

Today’s post revolves around the idea of vision.  I’m sure we’ve all sat down and thought to ourselves about the various goals we have for our lives.  Whether it be graduating college, getting a promotion at a job, or personal goals that only you know about… We all have plans for ourselves, for the success that we want to achieve.  One of the things that I’ve learned throughout my life is that it’s good to have vision, as this allows for us to articulate our ideas.  But if our dreams stop there, are we really able to see anything?  Oftentimes, people will have fantastic ideas that they believe can be successful, but ultimately they fail because they let their vision become clouded by personal doubt, naysayers, or even just laziness.  In order to bring our visions into fruition, we must be bold enough to do the work that is needed to be done, to turn such visions into a masterful work of art.  Also, don’t let the world negatively influence what you believe can bring change.  If you believe and know in your heart that you are striving to be an agent of positive change, then no one can take that from you.  All it takes is positively impacting one person, and your vision can grow into that masterpiece you envisioned.

In closing, I encourage all of us to delve deeper into our visions and see what is stopping us from working to help other people see it.  I leave you all with this quote, “Our visions are our unconscious creations.  Don’t be afraid to showcase them to the world, as we never know how our light can be what opens up the eyes of the next person.”

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Without God, I am nothing. After that.. I love my family, friends, music, and being an inspiration to those around me through my actions, and clothing brand. Oh yeah, and I do poetry & spoken word, in my spare time. I wrote a book once.

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