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#TurnItUpTuesday | Jep Roadie (@PeaceJepRoadie)|Listen Here…

     Jep Roadie is a 23 year old free spirit and an artist who believes that if you leave part of your soul in a track, it will remain there. I had the opportunity of talking to Jep via email, and he gave me a lil background about himself.
    “I grew up in New England (Connecticut).  I have never attended college. I always knew it was going to be music or die trying. I am of Cape Verdean descent. “
    “I write songs as a coping mechanism. I vocalize my worries, my thoughts, my feelings and put them on a beat. The beat of course must capture my soul. When writing from the heart, songs pretty much write themselves. I am highly influenced by someone like Bob Marley. I want to live on in my music. More importantly, I want to carry on the tradition of positive music. I want to continue spreading the messages that were left for our generation.” – Jep Roadie
   Jep has been featured on, and a few other music media outlets. Jep blessed our email with a few tracks and we wanted to share them with you. Below are four tracks we really think you will enjoy.
Peace x Love

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