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#FLABFriday New Artist Spotlight | Meg ( @Meg_nificent3 ) | Painter & Visual Artist

Thank you for allowing me to do this Artist spotlight on you, it’s an honor to speak and learn about someone with a talent like yourself. Freedom Love And Bull Ent. Is a lifestyle brand that wants to promote positivity and cultural awareness through visual,vocal, and musical art. We want to uplift up and coming creative individuals and give them a platform to share their talents with an international and worldwide audience. Shall we begin?

YJ: Can you please introduce yourself for those who are not familiar with you and your work?

MP: My names Meg and I paint.


YJ: Now since we know your name can we learn a lil more about you I.e hometown, age, ethnic background, upbringing, credentials schooling etc?

MP: I’m from Guys Tn. 23 years old. I’m African American. Growing up I was always making mudpies, running around catching frogs, and drawing on everything. I went to Michie elementary school kindergarten-8th grade.  Then I went to Mcnairy central an moved to Adamsville the second semester of my sophomore year and graduated at Adamsville. After I graduated high school I went to Northeast Mississippi community college for 2 1/2 years. Theeeen I moved to Nashville in 2012!!!

YJ: When did you begin drawing, and what was the spark that made this become your passion?

 MP: I been drawing ever since I can remeber! I always had markers, pens and paint brushes. Everywhere WIth me all the time! Watching my Aunt draw was so cool to me. Being able to imagine something an put it on paper is  so fascinating to me.

YJ: What artist influenced your style and as well as pushed your creativity?

MP: Myself. I’ll wear anything and make it megish.

YJ: Can you describe to us your subject matter, and how  did these become the avenue and subjects for you, and what is your selection/drawing process?

 MP: I’m a big fan of boobs an faces. Just because that’s what I’m drawn to when I see someone. My drawing process… I’ll paint the canvas background. Listen to some music & dance for a bit then as soon as I think of something I smoke a bowl an start paintin.

YJ: We are a brand that promotes the Freedom of creation, speech, and living, with the recent and current events going on in the country, what is your option on police brutality and the #BLACKLIVESMATTER campaign?

MP: I believe that all lives matter, and no one should be treated differently because of their race. I also believe that policemen should know how to correctly defend themselves to where they are not taking the life of another individual. If an unarmed person is not advancing them they don’t need to use brutal or excessive force against that person

YJ: With us being a brand that is based off of providing positivity to those around us and their crafts, what are some words of advice you have for up and coming artists as well as for your self for the upcoming year?

MP:Never give up! Don’t be afraid to be yourself and express yourself. and always always find that thing that makes you happy. I plan to have my own artshow soon and to be known everywhere for my pretty boobed big eyed/face people I paint!

YJ: Finally, as an artist we know it’s difficult to select your favorite prices of art, but what pieces would be considered your top 5?
 MP: Ah! I don’t have a favorite one I like them all! But if I had to pick I’d say my boo, loud mouth, lil blue, bod, breezy and J.Dot.
YJ:  Thank you for chatting with us, and sharing light on your art, talent, and creativity. The FLAB Ent. family is truly thankful for this insight and interview, and we wish you the best of luck in your career and future accomplishments. We would love to feature some of your future releases if that’s alright with you?
 MP:  No Problem thanks for having me. You can reach me on all my social media here:

          IG :Meg_pie3
         Twitter: Meg_nificent3

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