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[New Music] Busy Gang – Chinese Trap

I was sitting at home yesterday evening and thought to myself, “What does Chinese Trap music sound like?” So I spent a few minutes searching the internet, for different artists or videos, and I came across a group named Busy Gang, and their mixtape entitled “BusyGang800”. The group is constructed of three MC’s: Al Rocco, Koz, and Blow Fever, all hailing from Shanghai, China. Each MC raps with fluent chinese but then switches to english through out their songs, and the production is simply incredible. You’ll be bobbing your head, and wishing you spit this flawlessly after the first track. If you’re interested in different cultures and music, then I think you should give this tape a listen…

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Young juan


1 Comment on [New Music] Busy Gang – Chinese Trap

  1. Saw this article before coming to Shanghai and loved this group. Then I had the pleasure of meeting them and watching them perform. They had the whole crowd vibin it was incredible. Shouts out ma asian trap stars they on the come up


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