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Cheap Shopping Tips & Trips with Arianna!

Designer for the Low

As soon as Spring hits we all get that urge to clean out those closets and see what we can pull from behind those dreary winter clothes. If you’re  like me, I get the craving to  shop! Well let’s face it I get that craving a lot, but there’s  two words  that triggers that hunger for retail therapy for everyone.. “Refund Check!” Now maybe you’re saving up for a vacation or need to pay off some of those students loans and bills, I condone you-I just can’t help it!

Dressing to the nines can be fairly hard when you’re in college or on a strict budget, but it’s still doable! I have fell in love with a couple of sites that sell well known designer brands for the low. You able able to mix and match your favorite designer pieces and recreate looks you’ve seen on your favorite artists or celebrities.

There are slew of sites you can explore, but here are some of my favorites!

 Need a little inspiration for a new Spring 2014 look, look through fashion mags or follow your favorite musician artist/musician to see what they are wearing? Take a look at one of those exclusive sites and see what you can come up with. Here are some looks I recreated from one of my favorite style guru’s, no one other than the Queen Bee herself!

 Style on, Ari




Source Images: Google 

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