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Making Connections: The Art of Networking

In any form of business that you enter, making connections with those who are already in the same field as you is important. By simply establishing relationships with coworkers or like-minded people in your respective field, you can ultimately open new doors for yourself that you never even knew existed.

tumblr_lzl61mkchR1r8ypooo1_500Queen Latifah & Tupac

Let’s take Queen Latifah & Tupac as an example. Surely these two artists were like-minded individuals in the same industry. Both were conscious rappers… both came from the same type of background… both overcame great odds. Its not a coincidence that these two became acquainted.

Queen-Latifah-and-Tupac-Walk-Into-a-Gay-Bar...They both saw the drive in each other & made it a point to cross paths. By establishing that relationship, they opened up the door for each other to work together, which lead them to act together in the film Juice.

MSDJUIC EC004  Queen Latifah as Ruffhouse M.C. in Juice.

Bottom line, reaching success in life requires you to establish relationships with people. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to meet someone. If you think that person can help further your career rather than hurt it, then make that connection with that person so that opportunity can always be within your grasp when it presents itself.

What type of things are you doing to network with other people in your field? Leave a comment below & share your thoughts on the matter.

With Much Love & No Bull

YADA x The Gang

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