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#MotivationMonday | The Power of Good Vibes


The Power of Good Vibes

Today isn’t meant to be a chemistry lesson, but learning about energy and how it effects us is an important lesson to understand. We all thrive off of energy. Technically speaking, our whole being is made up of energy, so you can just imagine how important it is to monitor the vibes that surround us. With that being said, vibes can either help us or hurt us, so its up to you decide which type of vibes you want in your life.

Let’s back up for a moment & try to understand the difference between good and bad vibes. It may seem elementary to try to break these things down, but you’ll be surprised at the better understanding you’ll receive once you comprehend the true differences between the two. So let’s break it down for a moment…

Good Vibes
When we speak of good vibes, I think we can all agree that good vibes are anything that are positive & make us cheerful in spirit. Good vibes are “feel good” material or moments that put us in a good mood & distract us from the evil in the world. The activities we partake in, the people we hang around, & the thoughts that we think are all contributors to good vibes & are highly reflective of who we are as spiritual beings.

Bad Vibes
To simply put it, bad vibes are the complete opposite. Bad vibes are negative energies that make us feel low & are harmful in spirit. They give us stress, they make us depressed, they makes us angry, & they can even make us feel sorrow. Just like good vibes, bad vibes can be produced from the activities, people, & thoughts that we allow in our lives & can distract us from the good things that we have planned for ourselves.

Without going too much further in depth into these two definitions, it’s easy to see how our lives can be affected by the things we place our attention on. It’s basically like this folks: You are what you do, think, & hang around. So if you do bad things, think bad things, & hang around bad people, chances are you’re a bad person (or highly misguided). Same thing applies for the good. If you want good things in your life, you have to make the necessary actions to get those things, which is surrounding yourself with positivity.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the laws of energy folks. Good vibes bring good results, so surround yourself with good things. Don’t allow yourself to get entrapped by the negative things in life. You gotta learn how to let those things go. Bad vibes are poisonous, good vibes are powerful. So if you truly want to achieve happiness in your life, you must use the power of good vibes to obtain that state of euphoria. Ask yourself what you truly want & then figure out what’s holding you back from it. Once you sort out the good from the bad, what you choose to hold on to & let go of will be up to you…choose wisely.

With Much Love & No Bull,

YADA x The Gang

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